Visiting Jeju Island in Korea

Visiting Jeju Island in Korea

Going to Korea, of course, you will be provided with so many great tourism places. Not only its modern look with the technologies in each part of the country, Korea also has natural tourism places. One of the natural places which are so popular is Jeju Island. This place has been a favorite destination for Koreans and also Japanese’s. If you want to go vacation in Korea, Jeju Island can be a good decision for you. Why? It is because of several reasons in the following explanation.

  1. Beautiful

The first word which can be said is beautiful. The beauty of the island is like in Hawaii. The climate, volcanic rock, and the frequent rains will remind us to Hawaiian Island. Thus, for you who are in Korea, it is a must to visit this island.

  1. Various activities

In Jeju Island, you not only can see how beautiful the island, but also you can do many activities there. You can do hiking, riding a horse, viewing the beautiful waterfall, or maybe lying around on the beach.

  1. Many transportations

To enjoy the beauty of the island, you can choose many transportations. You can choose a bicycle, bus, or even boat. If you want to get a fresh air, the bicycle is a good idea. However, for you who want to see beautiful Jeju Island from the bus, just take a bus. Then, to know the Hawaiian-like sea, you can choose a boat.

  1. Food and drink

Talking about food and drink, you do not need to worry. In Jeju Island, you can complete your vacation with Korean food and drink. The traditional food and drink here, indeed, is a good idea since you can get some great memories, seeing a beautiful island of Korea while enjoying its food and drink. Yeah, it’s going to be so amazing!

Visiting Korean Royal Palace

Visiting Korean Royal Palace

What do you think about Korea? Its boyband and girlband, or its drama? Besides those things, Korea

is a good destination to visit. There will be so many places you can visit in this country. One of the great sites for you is Korean Royal Palace. As the name, this place is a historical building for Korean people, and it has been opened for public as a tourism destination. For you who want to visit this palace, you need to know that there will be several things you will get if you choose this tourism site.

Visit To Korea Beautiful Place

To begin with, you will find so many great building, in this case, are historical buildings. The traditional architecture of the building is the interesting point of it. In Korean Royal Palace itself, you can see many buildings with its own function in the past. For example is the Gangnyeongjeun. This palace is also known as King’s Quarter. It is the main building in the palace because you can see the bedchamber of the king there. Besides this building, there will be the other building you can see is Geunjeongjeon that is the place where the King will welcome the guests in the past. Also the other historical building with great architecture.

Then, visiting this Korean Royal Palace also very interesting since you can take so many pictures there. To complete your trip, you can rent hanbok, the traditional clothes of Korea and take a picture in this palace.

After that, by coming to this tourism site, you can enlarge your knowledge about Korea, its historical stories shown by the building of the palace. Also, the story of each building there that is indeed will make you more interesting to this site in Korea. In short, those are the things that you can get when you visit Korean Royal Palace.